Driven by a desire to understand why her best friend killed herself at 16, Jacqueline Monetta asks teens to share their struggles with mental illness and suicide attempts. Through her intimate teen-to-teen conversations, Jacqueline, and the audience learn about depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicide attempts, getting help and treating mental illness. Each teen paints a vivid picture of the depths of despair he/she suffered and how talking about it saved them. They assure the audience that mental illnesses, like physical illnesses, can and should be treated.


In a world that is so ‘connected’,
why do we feel so alone?
— Jacqueline Monetta


Our Mission

Prevent teen suicide.

What is needed most to prevent suicide is cultural change: destigmatization, public education, and national conversation.

We are starting that conversation.

We know talking about suicide is a challenge, but the best possible way to prevent suicide is to talk about it. Ask questions and listen.

Screening Not Alone gives teens a context within which they can discuss their feelings or struggles with their mental health. The film introduces several teens who struggled and overcame these feelings. The film gives hope to those who feel hopeless. 

Asking about suicide does not increase the risk of suicide. Asking does not plant ideas in a person’s mind. On the contrary, it decreases the risk by opening dialogue. 

We aren’t asking you to watch a film, we’re asking you to engage.