Our friends and family supported us in every possible way.
The following people helped us by donating to our fundraiser:

Jeff Goshay & Mary Hohlman
David & Lisa Monetta
Rich, Laura, Hailey, Hannah & Annie Everett
Rob & Erin Becker
Stephen & Julie Kimball

Tim & Suzanne Leonoudakis

Rodney & Kristi Loo
Ken Whiting & Nicole DeAvilla
Janet Coates Ostler & Clyde Ostler
Moira & Bruce Conzelman
Rob & Natalie Monetta
Julia Violich

Arthur & Linda Hoppe
David & Laureen Seeger
Ann Cunningham Kauffman
Laurie Dubin
Clayton Townsend
Elyse & Barry Weinstein
Marta & Jeff Zeis
Kevin & Sallie Merker
Stuart Bahen
Jeff & Carleen Cullen
Bruce Randle
Nadine Weil
Maggie & Tom Courtney
Marita & Kevin Daly
Bernard & Nadine Monetta
Joan & Mitch Berger
Julie & Mark Douglass
Carey Condy
Elliott Grimshaw & Margot Friend
Berta & Mark McDonnell
James & Susan McGuigan
Denise & Pat Courtney
Hilary Newsom & Geoff Callan
Steven & Pat Klansko
Zem & James Joaquin
Renee Russo
Paula Todd
Susan & Steve Van Liere
Lynn & Lenn Tallerico
Cynthia A Kami, DDS
Ann & Andy Mathieson
Kim & Robert Kirstoff
Paula Bennett

Ann & Dave Becker
Michelle Zimmermann
Catheryne DiPrete
Bud & Mikey Springer
Laura Weiss
Steve & Alyson Aiello
Tom & Blair Peters
Robin & Dave Bruener
Lisa Victor
Jennifer & Scott Sinclair
Laura Kent
Jennifer DeVito Jigarjian
Sarah Glass
Paula Johnson
Lenore Naxon & Bill Black
Chuck Everett
Tanya & Cyrus Aram
Edward Pollock
Suresh J. Doshi
Nathan James
David Bon
Barbara & Scott Waxman
Lynn Gerson
Ted Bayer
Suzy & Steve Stemerman
Sharon & Alan Levins
Christine Griffin
Teke Kelley
Ellen & Eddie Detting
Lynn R Howerton
D. A. McInnis
Kathleen Mulcahy

Morgan Edwards
Josh Perkins
Heather Shannon
Cameron Urban
Ragna Rostad
Melissa Stephens
Garry Lawler
Catherine MacPhail
Kelly Smith Vorves
Linda Kelly
Ellen Gumbiner
Radium Cheung
Ann Zeis
Gabi Estill
Elizabeth Canady
Olivia Neagle
Dara Johnsen
Barbara Anderson
Cathy Hazelwood & Peter Kusnierczyk
Jillian Nielsen
Sean Halligan
Ryan Cooney
Robert Koen
Kristen Breck
Chloe Martin
Wendi Enos
Robyn Graham
Colette Kolenda
Kristin Kerge
Dana Damara
Elisa Massenzio
Lisa Shaughnessy
Zacky Chun-Pong Leung

Production & Post-Production

Teens behind the scenes

You may have noticed, there are no adults in this film. That’s because this film is about teens talking to teens. 

Teens also contributed during the shooting and editing of this film. Teen artists created original music, photography, cinematography, artwork, graphics and poetry. They stood in as extras, managed the data, worked as production assistants, and social media managers.


Jack Bushell

“Working on Not Alone gave me the opportunity to work with a collection of highly skilled filmmakers to tell a story that has yet to be told. As a documentary filmmaker it was a very rewarding experience."

Jack is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in film production at Emerson College. His main passion is documentary filmmaking. In 2011 he created an award-winning video production company, Bushell Film. A documentarian by trade, Jack has completed a variety of short films which have been accepted to film festivals across the country. His work has been featured on news stations such as Good Morning America, KTVU, NBC Bay Area, and ABC. Jack has recently been chosen as a Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar. He has received an award from Cliff Bar for his latest documentary film, "From the Golden Gate to The Farallones. His work has also been shown at Patagonia. Jack is interning at Glass and Marker, an advertising agency in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Nick Lopez

“For me, the song is all about reminiscing on the good parts of my high school years, just about having fun, letting loose, etc. I think I was feeling particularly stressed one night and I just thought to myself, "it would be really therapeutic for me to write an upbeat song about the good things in life." And so came the song.”

Nick wrote and recorded the song “Back in the Day” his senior year in high school.

Nick Lopez is a 20 year old singer/songwriter living in Los Angeles, CA. Nick just released his newest EP "Malibu," which has been described as "minimalistic Pop at its finest."