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Not Alone captures the important voices of youth with lived experience of suicide attempts, self-injury, mental health issues, and depression in a unique, engaging, and hopeful way. In an age where media surrounding these topics is largely doom and gloom, sensationalized, or glamorized, this film shines a light on hope and on helping those in need.
— Chris Maxwell, American Association of Suicidology

"On a very cold night in January 2018 NOT ALONE was shown in Fargo, ND. The response was overwhelming.  Close to 700 people filled the small theatre. There was a line down the block waiting for theatre doors to open – many people left believing the event was at capacity. Families came together.  Students came alone or in groups. Parents and educators came. We have received dozens of requests to show the film again in the community style rather than just at schools as had been the original plan.  We will be doing so in the future. This film is ending the silence, fighting the stigma that surrounds mental illness, and empowering students to know that they are not alone - on many levels.  It is filled with hope and proof that there is help and hope. It is changing and saving lives."

—Abby Tow, Imagine Thriving: Goetz Mental Wellness Initiative

"Your documentary is truly amazing, deeply powerful, and beautifully produced. It so personally and intimately portrays the pain of the descent, and the potential and pathway for healing and transformation. As a psychotherapist with a focus on the treatment of trauma, I was deeply moved by the depth of your care and the resulting dedication to make such a difference in so many lives. The ripples of this film truly will go far to bring comfort, healing, guidance, and inspiration to countless people affected by the deep pain of depression, mental illness, and suicide loss.”

Marilynne Chöphel, Unfinished Conversation: Healing from Suicide and Loss

“Last night was so powerful! I’ve been in youth ministry for 18 years and it was one of my most memorable powerful nights.  Thank you so much.” —Tina

“Touching and educative movie! I enjoy it very much.”  —Senator Tim Mathern, North Dakota

“I found this movie about depression, anxiety, suicide, etc to be compelling and and insightful.  There are so many young adults who would benefit by seeing this film, so they realize they are not alone, and that there is help out there.  The participants gave all of us a face to these problems. I also think that more parents need to see this film so they understand mental health illnesses are common, can be treated, and shouldn't be hidden.  Your kids are not just being dramatic. They are hurting.” —Micaela Presti

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