Ahmed Badenjki


"It was incredibly rewarding to work on this film.

Not only did I get to meet and work with such amazing filmmakers, I also felt like I was contributing, even if in a small way, to such an important topic.

I was never really surprised by how little conversation there was regarding depression or mental health in general. There was always the stigma or simply not knowing what to say. Many teens have suffered, including myself, yet so few know how easy it is to get help. I hope this film can show us all, as a community, just how important it is to have these conversations, and how many resources are available only a click or text away.


Ahmed is a graphic designer, illustrator and production artist from Syria. He graduated from The American University of Rome with degrees in Business and Film & Digital Media. Being a designer has always been his passion, but what really drives him is a project that combines beautiful artwork with a real impact. He spent several years working with the United Nations, focusing on food security and agricultural issues. Ahmed currently resides in California but continues to work remotely with humanitarian organizations around the world. His latest project was in collaboration with a local non-profit to create educational books for Syrian children who are living in camps with no access to school. You can find a collection of his work here.