Robert Humphreys


"I had always dealt with it on the purely emotional level,

but I had never really tried to understand it. The candid nature of the teen-to-teen interviews in this film was a window into the depth of the emotions, the confusion and the loneliness that confronts modern teens. It took a teen to get access to and redefine the meaning of personal identity that followed the advent of social media. In it’s matter of fact way Not Alone brings teen suicide to the forefront in the hopes that we might unite around our children and their unspoken needs”


Rob Humphreys is an internationally award winning fictional narrative and documentary cinematographer. His most notable projects include Mike Goorjian’s Illusion and The Shift, Eric Byler’s Americanese and Tre, Rodrigo Gonzalez’s Entre Canabales and Tad Fettig’s PBS documentary e2 series, narrated by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman.